Top 10 Support Issues

The following are the top 10 support requests we receive, which often can be resolved without any assistance. We’ve included links to information and videos about these issues to help keep you and your team up and running smoothly.
In the event you do need assistance, please don’t hesitate to call support: 1-855-GET-TAP1 (1-855-438-8271)

1) TAP Merchandising app setup

2) WMT VOLT app setup

3) Working with limited cellular and WiFi service

4) Having trouble logging in or resetting passwords

5) Automatically Clocked Out In VOLT

6) Incorrect or Missing Stores in my Check In List

7) Can’t Complete VOLT Certification

8) Didn’t receive VOLT and/or SBI Invitations

9) SBI Platform won’t load on my mobile device

  • SBI Platform is best viewed on a desktop or tablet in the Google Chrome web browser.
  • Chrome is typically the default browser on Android. On Mac or iPad, Chrome is available in the App Store.

10) Analytics Help