Assign Store Locations to Users

Before you begin, ensure the user has been subscribed to the Merchandising Portal with “user” permission or higher. Visit these links for more information:
How to Add Users and Assign Applications
How to Add Subscriptions to Your Users

Click here for a quick video tutorial on assigning store locations.

To assign store locations to your user, you first need to assign the Merchant Portal app to them using the Manage Companies page.   For help on adding apps click here

Open the Merchandising Portal on the Home Page

Select Users from the left menu to open the User Management page.  Select Locations to see the list of users by Manager and list of stores available to assign.


When you select the user, use the Locations datagrid to filter to the list of stores you want to assign.  Select the stores to assign to the user by clicking the select checkbox


Once you have the stores selected, click the Add button in the bottom right corner to save.