VOLT User Statuses in the Biweekly User Export

A quick explainer to help decode the biweekly VOLT user export

The Status column indicates whether an associate’s account is active or not.
Only active users appear in the biweekly export.
If an associate is present on the list yet not currently working, be sure to deactivate them in the SBI Platform.
Deactivated associates can be reactivated later without the need to complete the certification again or print a new badge.

TheĀ Badge column indicates whether an associate’s badge photo has been approved, denied, or is yet to be uploaded.
A denial happens when an associate uploads a badge photo that does not comply with the badge photo rules.
An associate’s badge will only be printed and shipped once they have completed the certification and their badge photo has been uploaded and approved.
Support cannot override badge photo denials.

TheĀ Certification column indicates where the associate is in the certification process.
“Passed” means the associate has fully completed certification and will be able to use the VOLT application (even if their badge photo is pending approval).
“Incomplete” means the associate has started the certification but has not completed it.
“Not Started” means the associate has not yet begun the certification.
A certification troubleshooting article is available, and Support is here to help.