VOLT – “Screen Overlay Detected” Error when Trying to Check In

VOLT is incompatible with screen overlays that cover part or all of screen.

It’s likely an app installed on your phone is causing it. For example, the Twilight app adds a yellow tinted overlay over other apps at night to help you prepare for sleep.
In addition to apps that tint the screen, there are apps that overlay buttons, indicators or information on your active screen.

To remove the overlay, identify the app applying the overlay:

  1. Check app permissions in your phone’s settings to look for apps with overlay permission
  2. Check recent apps, open apps and apps running in the background first
  3. Once you have identified the possible culprit(s):
    1. Turn off the overlay from within the app that caused the overlay, or
    2. Disable overlay permission for that app
    3. As a last resort, force close or uninstall app

If none of this works, please don’t hesitate to contact Support: Call 1-855-GET-TAP1 (1-855-438-8271), or email team@gettapapp.com