Unable to Scan Badge or Barcode

Inability to scan your badge or a UPC is typically due to either app permissions or camera issues.

  1. Ensure WMT VOLT has permission to use your phone’s camera
    1. If you see a pop-up message in VOLT asking for permission to use your camera, please select “Allow”
    2. Permissions can also be managed in your phone’s Settings
  2. Ensure the entire QR code on the reverse side of your badge is visible and unobstructed in the camera view
    1. The red line across your camera view should be through the middle of the code
  3. Hold your badge and camera steady, allow it to focus
  4. If it still won’t scan, try touching the screen where the QR code is visible
    1. on many phones, this will automatically adjust focus and exposure

If none of these steps work, contact support right away by callingĀ 1-855-GET-TAP1 (1-855-438-8271)

If you receive an “Invalid Badge Number” message, the QR code is obscured, damaged or invalid. In this case, contact us and your manager. You may skip badge scanning in the meantime.