Easy Account Creation via Merchandising Portal

Entering new merchandiser accounts in the Merchandising Portal

To access the entry form, visit the Merchandising Portal, click “Users” in the sidebar, and go to the “Admin” tab.
Just below the tabs, click on “Add new user” and the interface will expand (a screenshot has been provided below).

Here, you can set the user’s manager and enter their name, email, and any custom field data.

Accounts entered here will automatically receive user permissions for TAP Merchandising and the Merchandising Portal, and be queued to sync with VOLT.
So, for most typical merchandiser accounts, there is no need to do any further work to the account. They will be all set to receive their invitations and get started with the apps.

Note that the standard method for account creation in Company Management can and should be used for non-merchandising accounts and accounts that need special permissions or multiple Platform apps.