How Do I Check In and Out with VOLT?

Once you have arrived at a store, check in:

  • Open VOLT and press the “Check IN at a Store” button
    • If the app requests any permissions, please select “Allow
  • Verify that the store that appears is correct and press “Confirm Location and Check IN
    • If it is not correct, close the app and reopen it to refresh your GPS location data
    • Otherwise, press the “Change Location” button to select a store manually
  • If you have your VOLT badge, select “I have my badge” and then scan your badge’s QR code using your phone’s camera
  • If you do not have your VOLT badge, you may select “Skip scanning
    • If the “Skip scanning” option does not appear, please contact your manager

Before leaving a store, check out:

  • Open VOLT and press the “Check Out of Location” button
  • Confirm you want to check out by selecting “Yes
    • You may then return to the home page by pressing “Back to Home Page

If you run into any trouble logging in or checking in, visit this article. Otherwise, contact Support right away.