Background Sync Upload in the TAP Mobile App

What is background sync?

Background sync is how all job and time card uploads are handled from the TAP Mobile App starting in Version 4.0.0

The process for uploading your job and time card information is still the same, but the upload will continue even while your not using the app and when your phone goes to sleep.

Android and iPhone handle background job uploads differently from one another.

Android has an internal system for how it queues processes that run in the background on your device, like sending or receiving emails, and other web based activities.

Android devices will automatically try to optimize when it executes the sync job for you based several factors including your settings for battery use / optimization.

It may appear like the upload process is ‘stuck’ if you are looking at the job upload screen, but what is actually happening, is the Android OS is trying to optimize when it runs these tasks based on your preferences, and other factors internal to Android.

On iPhone the background job upload will begin immediately, and will complete even when you put your phone to sleep, or when you are not using the TAP Mobile App.

Having trouble on an older Android device?

In the case that jobs are not uploading in a timely manner, you can add the TAP Mobile App to your Android systems ‘Unmonitored  App List